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8 Essential Tools For The Home

As a homeowner, at some point you will have to attempt a repair of something in your home. Most repairs will require the use of a tool. If you do not have any tools, it is time to get down to the hardware store and pick up the essentials. Here are eight must-haves for your tool shed. 

  1. Pliers. Pliers are great for gripping things. A good set of pliers can help with small jobs like holding nuts and bolts still or larger projects like installing fasteners to plumbing lines. 
  2. Utility knife. An utility knife are useful in cutting up boxes, slicing wires, and cutting drywall. The blade helps you to safely make smooth cuts. To get the most use out of your knife, look for one that has a replaceable blade.
  3. Work gloves. When you think of tools, work gloves might not be one of the items you consider. However, gloves play an important role in any home repair. Gloves can help you grip items while protecting your hands. 
  4. Hammer. Even if you never plan to do any home repairs, you still need a hammer. A hammer can help with simple tasks like hanging pictures. 
  5. Power drill. One of the most difficult tasks you can encounter during a home project is putting a hole in the wall. A drill can simplify this job dramatically. It can also come in handy when you have to do something like put up shelves or take out screws. 
  6. Screwdriver set. No matter how opposed you might be to home repair projects, at some point you will need to screw something in or take out a screw. Even if you have gotten by with using a butter knife up to this point, there is a good chance you will still need a screwdriver eventually.
  7. Tape measure. Whether you are buying new drapes or building a table, you will need a tape measure. Without taking the time to measure items, you could end up wasting money buying the wrong sized items. 
  8. Extension cord. Whether you are working outside or inside, a good extension cord can come in handy. Instead of trying to work close to outlets that might be inconveniently placed, you can simply plug in the extended electrical cord and work where you need to.

You can find all of these items in one trip to a hardware store like Siwek Lumber and Millwork, Inc. Taking the time to pick them up now can possibly save you time and energy later. 

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