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4 Things to Know When a Forklift Battery Malfunctions

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Are you concerned about why your forklift has suddenly stopped starting up in a timely manner? Unless your forklift has a faulty starter in it, the battery is likely the root cause of the problem. The battery will either need to undergo a repair, or you will have to get a new one installed in the forklift. If you have a limited budget, a used battery will be good enough to resolve the problem. Take a look at this article for a few things you should know when diagnosing a problematic battery in a forklift. 1. The Battery Terminal Ends Are Loose The terminal ends are important for a forklift battery to fully function as it should. Your forklift might be taking long to start up because an insufficient amount of energy is being sent from the battery. It is possible that the terminal ends are loose and need to be tightened. If the terminal ends are damaged beyond repair, the battery should be replaced. 2. The Battery Is Corroded  The battery may have become corroded if it has been in the forklift for a lot of years, and you can ask a mechanic to examine the case for signs of corrosion. He or she might find that the case has begun to bulge. The terminals and other parts of the battery may have become rusty from the corrosion. If the problem is severe enough, you should stop using the forklift until the battery is replaced. Continuing to use a corroded battery can lead to serious problems that will cause more damage. 3. The Battery Is Not Charged There might not be anything physically wrong that is causing the battery to not release enough power for the forklift to work. You might simply need to get the battery recharged. Ask a mechanic to check the power level of the battery to find out if charging is necessary. If the power level is extremely low and does not go up much with charging, the battery is likely going out altogether. 4. The Battery Is Overheating It is possible that the battery has been overheating and causing a delayed start up. If you notice any smoke coming from the forklift, it might be coming from the battery. The smell of sulfur is often smelled when a battery overheats as well. Visit a used forklift battery dealer so you can purchase a replacement if it is...

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Ready To Tear Down A House? What To Know About Dumping The Waste

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If you are getting ready to tear an old house down to the studs to start renovations and you aren’t sure what to do with the mass amount of debris, you want to talk with a waste management company to go over the details. There are a lot of types of waste that could be in the house that need to be disposed of in a special way. Here are a few reasons why you want to talk with a waste management expert before you start tossing things to go to the local dump. Recyclable Items A lot of people are unaware how many things inside a home can be recycled, and how many of the building materials can be recycled. The waste management expert can go through and make a list of what items can be recycled that you may not be aware of, and what must be dumped. This allows you to dispose of everything responsibly and possible get money by taking some items to be scraped at a local metal collection center. Toxin Concerns Some of the materials may contain lead or asbestos, and this is a safety hazard that you want to notify the waste management company about. There could be other types of natural and chemical hazards that shouldn’t be dumped with other trash, and that could be harmful to people or the environment. A waste management professional may want to walk through the property to see what you want to remove, and what needs to be disposed of properly. Large Quantities of Debris If you have a significant amount of large items, the waste management company may want to disassemble them or have them dropped off in a certain way or place. There may be special areas for the large items that need to be tossed. The waste management expert will look at these items when they scan the property. You don’t want to put anyone in your area, or the environment, at risk because you didn’t remove things from your property properly. There are so many ways that you can get rid of the debris that has to come out of the house, that doesn’t involve taking all of it to the dump. Before you start the project, make sure you consult with the waste management company in your area (like East Coast Engineering Inc), so you don’t do any damage or dispose of anything illegally in your...

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3 Reasons Heating And Cooling Upgrades Should Be An Integral Part Of Your Commercial Real Estate Business

Posted by on Aug 18, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on 3 Reasons Heating And Cooling Upgrades Should Be An Integral Part Of Your Commercial Real Estate Business

Most new real estate investors know that commercially zoned buildings can be purchased, renovated, and then rented or resold for a tidy return on investment. There is, however, a major difference between truly renovating a property and performing superficial fixes. Renovating commercial property heating and cooling systems allow property owners more bargaining power when it comes to selling, refinancing, and effectively extracting maximum value from their investments. When compared to cosmetic renovations, commercial property heating and cooling upgrades pack considerably more value. Here are the three main ways that heating and cooling system renovations can improve your commercial real estate business. Fetching A Higher Commercial Property Value Although skylights and upgrade chrome bathroom fixtures can be appealing, they are mainly used to highlight otherwise fully renovated and modernized properties. Serious buyers will be most interested in learning about what climate control measures have been installed to regulate temperature in your commercial property as opposed to cosmetic upgrades. After a new commercial heating and cooling system has been installed, the property’s appraised value will see an increase. Qualifying For Commercial Loans And Collateral It is not uncommon for commercial real estate investors to use existing properties as collateral for loans to cover everything from improvements to repairs and other operational expenses. If you have a portfolio of structurally sound and recently renovated commercial homes that are expected to sell for more than your initial investment, it will not be difficult for you to secure additional funds. Heating and A/C upgrades to commercial properties requires contractors to consider the age of the property as well as the heating and cooling system already in place before making any changes. Commercial heating and cooling contractors also have to be aware of zoning ordinances that may necessitate building permits, making this type of renovation suitable for only highly experienced professionals. This is a fact that commercial lenders do not take lightly when considering property improvements and financing. Attracting Clients Across New Industries  Specialized commercial spaces, such as restaurants, medical clinics, and industrial processing facilities don’t just require unique floor plans, they need fully up-to-date commercial heating and cooling systems to maintain operations. The types of commercial boilers needed to maintain high water temperatures necessitates major heating and cooling related upgrades such as new air condenser installation and switching over to more modern energy sources. Commercial heating and cooling systems that regulate climates in individual spaces also requires customized ductwork for optimized airflow. Commercial heating and cooling renovations will allow your buyers and tenants to benefit from much more than better temperature regulation. Newly renovated commercial properties generally have lower electricity costs and less maintenance, both of which are major selling points. Explore how you can refine your approach to commercial real estate investing with the assistance of a heating and cooling professional, such as those found at Mercury...

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3 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Dumpster Rental

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Having access to a large dumpster can be beneficial when completing a landscaping or home renovation project. Getting rid of clutter from inside your home can also be made easier with the help of a dumpster. Renting a dumpster for your personal use doesn’t have to be challenging, but it does require that you pay attention to some specific details. Here are three tips you can use to get the most out of your next dumpster rental. 1. Prepare the site where your dumpster will sit in advance. Before the rental company delivers your dumpster, it’s essential that you take the time to properly prepare the site where the dumpster will sit to avoid any property damage. Dumpsters are quite heavy (with a small 8-yard dumpster weighing in at two tons when full), so you will need to ensure that you have a solid surface on which to place your dumpster when it arrives. Avoid putting your dumpster near any septic tanks or underground wells, and place a piece of plywood on the surface where your dumpster will sit to avoid scraping or chipping any concrete. 2. Get a permit in advance. If you plan to have your dumpster sit next to the curb in front of your home, it’s important to recognize that you might need to obtain a permit from your city first. Prior to the arrival of your rented dumpster, contact your local parking enforcement agency or permit office to inquire about the need for a permit to place your dumpster on a city street. Having any necessary permits in advance will help your dumpster rental go smoothly, and it will help you avoid any fines associated with failing to permit your dumpster. 3. Create a pile of junk in advance. Many people wait until their dumpster arrives to begin amassing junk that will be thrown out. By taking the time to gather all your junk into a pile before renting a dumpster, you will be able to save time and money. When you know exactly what needs to be thrown away, you can easily rent a dumpster that is equipped to meet your disposal needs. Renting a dumpster that is the right size will help you avoid fines for going over the weight limit of your dumpster. Renting a dumpster can make it easier to keep your home free from clutter and aesthetically pleasing. Be sure that you prepare a spot for your dumpster to sit, obtain any necessary permits, and amass a junk pile in advance to make your next dumpster rental a pleasant experience. For more tips, check out websites...

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2 Tips To Help You Avoid Extra Fees On Your Dumpster Rental

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Renting a dumpster can be a simple way to dispose of any debris generated when you complete a special project. Hauling loads of trash to the local dump yourself might not be feasible, and a dumpster provides you with a safe and sanitary way to get rid of unwanted items in bulk. To ensure that you allot enough money in your project’s budget to a dumpster rental, it’s important that you do everything in your power to avoid extra fees. Here are two tips you can use to eliminate any surprise fees you might encounter when renting a dumpster in the future. 1. Calculate the weight of your debris, not the volume. Many people think that if their debris fits inside the dumpster, they will not be charged additional fees on top of the initial rental cost. It’s important to recognize that most dumpster rental companies charge overage fees based on weight, not on volume. Since a dumpster filled with paper products will weigh a lot less than a dumpster filled with old furnishings, it’s important that you take the time to estimate the total weight of the items you will want to throw out. You can then provide this estimated weight to your dumpster rental company in order to access a receptacle that is rated to handle that amount of weight. Being up-front about the estimated weight of your waste can help you avoid overage fees. 2. Don’t toss out prohibited items. Certain types of trash require special handling in order to be disposed of properly. Tossing these items into your rented dumpster could result in additional fees. Be sure that you ask the rental company you are working with for a list of prohibited items. Typical items that can’t be thrown out in a dumpster include old tires, car batteries, or toxic cleaning chemicals. If you are unsure whether or not an item you intend to discard will pose a problem, contact the dumpster rental company directly. Getting written confirmation that you can toss questionable items will help you avoid incurring additional fees charged for the special disposal of prohibited items when you rent a dumpster. Investing in a rental dumpster can make your next project run a lot smoother. To avoid surprise fees when you get your rental bill, be sure that you take the time to estimate the weight of your debris and avoid throwing any prohibited items into your rented...

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Don’t Bake The Bugs! Tips For Food Manufacturers About Insect Prevention

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Food manufacturing processes can be extremely challenging, especially when it comes to maintaining freshness and high quality. Avoiding insect infestation in food products like flour has always been a chore, from kitchens in homes with canisters on the counter to large food manufacturing plants. If you have had trouble with beetles in your food manufacturing processes that use flour as a main ingredient, taking a closer look at your storage facilities and machines sifting screens is vital. Follow these tips when inspecting your processes so you can avoid baking insects into your products. Following A Freshness Date Rule May Not Always Work Confused flour beetles are crafty and can get by you easily, especially if they are passing through as eggs. When you order your products, especially flours, making certain you have a close look at them before storing them is imperative to avoid an infestation of live adult bugs later on. One way to ensure you are not storing confused flour beetles in your flour is through sifting screens. By taking steps to sift flour before you store it, you have fewer chances of finding them in your production lines later, which can pose a serious risk to your company and its profits. Just because you store flour products ahead of the their freshness date and you use them before that date does mean the risk of flour beetles does not remain. Bear in mind that flour beetles love fresh flour as much as they do flour that is old. Use The Right Type Of Sifting Screens When choosing sifting screens for sifting flour in your food manufacturing plant, you may have found that screens with holes that are too small greatly slow down your production. However, screens with holes that are too big allow contaminants like beetles to get through. Research has found that using sifting screen with 180-micron openings will filter out insects and their eggs, but does not allow production to remain as fast as it needs to be for making profits. Using 250-micron screens can filter out insects and their eggs while fitting into production timing better. Always remember to make regular inspections of your sifting screens because tears can happen and allow the passage of contaminants like insects. You should also know that nylon screens can become stretched over time, increasing the size of some of the holes, so looking for worn out areas in your nylon screens is a vital aspect of...

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How Precision Stamping Can Save Your Company Money

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If you are looking for industrial processes that can save your company money, one thing that you should consider is investing in the proper equipment for precision stamping. If this isn’t something that you have considered, you should think about the financial benefits of doing so. These are a few reasons why precision stamping can be financially beneficial within your manufacturing business. Enjoy Less Waste One thing that is probably costing your company a lot of money each and every day is waste. Although it is to be expected that there will be some waste involved in the manufacturing process, wasted metal and other materials can be very costly. With precision stamping, you can reduce the waste of materials, since your equipment will only use what is necessary to get the job done. This can be a lot less wasteful than doing it by hand, which is what your factory might do right now. Depending on the type of items that your company manufactures and the type of metal that you use, this can help you save your company a ton of money. Over time, this can make a big difference in the bottom line profit that your company brings in. Get the Job Done Quicker When compared to other manufacturing processes, precision stamping can be a great way to speed up the process. Precision stamping equipment can repeat the same stamp over and over again with minimal employee assistance. Plus, it can allow items to be mass produced in a much faster manner than with other manufacturing processes. Not only can this allow you to boost productivity — and therefore, profits — but it can also allow you to save on labor charges, since you won’t need to hire as many employees to manage your equipment when you have equipment that does everything itself. You also may not need to pay for the same high-skilled labor that you might have to pay for if you did not have this equipment in place. This can allow the precision stamping equipment to pay for itself over time and can eventually save your company a lot of money. As you can see, precision stamping can be a smart manufacturing method for many companies. Along with providing other benefits — such as more precise and high-quality manufacturing that provides better and more reliable products — it can also save your company a lot of money. If you have not yet thought about investing in precision stamping equipment, now is the time to consider doing so. For more information, talk to a professional like Hub Manufacturing & Metal...

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8 Essential Tools For The Home

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As a homeowner, at some point you will have to attempt a repair of something in your home. Most repairs will require the use of a tool. If you do not have any tools, it is time to get down to the hardware store and pick up the essentials. Here are eight must-haves for your tool shed.  Pliers. Pliers are great for gripping things. A good set of pliers can help with small jobs like holding nuts and bolts still or larger projects like installing fasteners to plumbing lines.  Utility knife. An utility knife are useful in cutting up boxes, slicing wires, and cutting drywall. The blade helps you to safely make smooth cuts. To get the most use out of your knife, look for one that has a replaceable blade. Work gloves. When you think of tools, work gloves might not be one of the items you consider. However, gloves play an important role in any home repair. Gloves can help you grip items while protecting your hands.  Hammer. Even if you never plan to do any home repairs, you still need a hammer. A hammer can help with simple tasks like hanging pictures.  Power drill. One of the most difficult tasks you can encounter during a home project is putting a hole in the wall. A drill can simplify this job dramatically. It can also come in handy when you have to do something like put up shelves or take out screws.  Screwdriver set. No matter how opposed you might be to home repair projects, at some point you will need to screw something in or take out a screw. Even if you have gotten by with using a butter knife up to this point, there is a good chance you will still need a screwdriver eventually. Tape measure. Whether you are buying new drapes or building a table, you will need a tape measure. Without taking the time to measure items, you could end up wasting money buying the wrong sized items.  Extension cord. Whether you are working outside or inside, a good extension cord can come in handy. Instead of trying to work close to outlets that might be inconveniently placed, you can simply plug in the extended electrical cord and work where you need to. You can find all of these items in one trip to a hardware store like Siwek Lumber and Millwork, Inc. Taking the time to pick them up now can possibly save you time and energy...

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How To Do Your Part To Save The Planet When Running A Business

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If you are running a business, you have probably found yourself extremely busy more times than not. However, it is important to make sure that you are taking a little bit of time to learn about how you can do your part to help conserve resources and reduce waste. Take a brief moment to review some of the possible things you can do in order to improve your energy and waste usage: Recycle Leftover Steel Do you run a business that provides steel services? Have you ever found yourself with an extra amount of steel that is just sitting around? If it is unable to be used in the company or sold to a customer, the best thing to do is to take that steel to a recycling center. They will be able to melt that metal down so that it will eventually be transformed into something new. You will have helped keep metal out of the landfills and you might just make a little money as well. This is because many recycling centers offer a little bit of money for recyclable products. Set Out Recycling Boxes In Lunch Room Do you have a lunch room where you and your employees end up throwing out a lot of plastic bottles or pop cans? If so, you might want to do your part for the environment and have a company bring in recycling boxes that are designated for plastics and cans. This way, your employees will have a specific place to put that type of trash. Everything else can go into the regular garbage can. Not only will you be helping by recycling, you will find that the regular trash load will suddenly get lighter because of the cans and bottles being placed in separate boxes. Cut Down On The Use Of Lights Have you ever been to one of the big chain stores and noticed that every so many minutes they will reduce the number of overhead lights that are used? Sure, it dims the brightness of the room down some, but it is still very easy for everyone to see what they are doing. By simply reducing the number of lights that you use or how often you use every light in the ceiling, you will be able to reduce the amount of pollution your company creates through the production of the electricity that you use. You will also notice a decrease in your electric bill. As you can see, there are many simple ways that you can make sure that you are helping the environment. Pick a way or make use of all of them and you will be proud that you did. To learn more, contact a company like Garelick Steel if you have any other...

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Propane Heating Systems: What They Are & What To Consider When Purchasing One

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Investing in a propane heating system is a smart decision, as it is a good way to help the environment by reducing the amount of greenhouse gas emissions. You can also count on the heating systems to last for a long time. In this article, you will learn about propane heating systems and what to consider when purchasing one. What are Propane Heating Systems? A propane heating system is one that uses propane gas that is stored in a certain kind of tank. The gas properties of your heating system will have to be changed, which is done by a specialist connecting the tank directly to the gas lines in your home. The great thing about investing in a propane heating system is that you won’t have to purchase a new furnace for it to work, but you can purchase a propane furnace if you desire to do so. The combustion air intake of the furnace can provide cleaner air in your home because it comes from the outside environment. Other furnaces release air from an exhaust system that is on the interior of your home, so the air is usually not as clean. The clean air can be helpful for those that are suffering from allergies like asthma, as it will help them breathe easier when the system is on. What Should be Considered When Purchasing a Propane Heating System? One thing to consider when purchasing a propane heating system is how it will help prevent global warming by not releasing greenhouse gases into the environment. There are also a few other pros that you can consider, including: The system can last up to 20 years No electricity is needed for it to work Although a propane heating system is reliable and efficient, there are also a few cons that you should consider, including: Improper installation may spark A lack of inspections can lead to an explosion a fire A con that is common with all furnaces is the risk of incomplete combustion taking place. It usually happens when there is an insufficient amount of air around the furnace to provide oxygen. Incomplete combustion can lead to you being exposed to carbon monoxide. Make sure your home is not only warm, but also safe for the environment. Invest in a propane heating system like one from Gas Production CO Inc to have one that is durable and will reduce harmful greenhouse gases that can cause global...

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